Saturday, 30 July 2011

Become a Google+ Beta Tester- Google+ Platform Preview

Want to test new Google+ features before they become available to the public? Now you can, thanks to a newly launched Google+ program.

To sign up to be a beta tester, head over to the Google+ Platform Preview page and enter your email address. Any address will work, so long as you’re signed in to your associated Google+ account.

You’ll need to click on a link in a subsequent confirmation email to confirm your entry into the program. After that, Google will email you every time new features are available for you to test out

Friday, 29 July 2011

27 Google+ People Who Deserve Their Own Circle

1. Dude Who Hates Mondays

2. People Who Just Woke Up and Are Overly Optimistic About What the Day Holds for Them

3. Breakfast-Food Chroniclers

4. Ladies Who Are Always Having Bad Days

5. Ladies Who Find Happiness in the Most Banal Things, Like, Say, This Sidewalk

6. Bible-Quoting Relatives

7. "Tao of Pooh"-Quoting Relatives

8. On-My-Fourth-Coffee People

9. People Who Just Discovered the Honey Badger Video

10. Dude Who Is Wondering: "How Is It Only Wednesday?"


12. people who write like they are e.e. cummings

13. Mr. and Mrs. "Wheels Up!" to Yet Another Fancy-Pants Exotic Location

14. Girls Who Link to Every Cat Video in the History of the Internet

15. The Only Person You Know Who Likes Hockey

16. Exes That Might Be Stalking You

17. TGIF! Dude

18. Old High-School Friends You Wouldn't Recognize if They Were Sitting Next to You

19. Inexplicably Shirtless Profile-Picture People

20. Runner Who Just Finished 2 Miles in 13:20

21. People Who Check Into Every Place That It's Possible to Check Into

22. Dude Who Is So Regretting That 4 A.M. Shot of SoCo and Lime

23. New Parents Who Post Three Dozen Pictures of Their Baby Daily

24. Friends Who Need Help Moving Furniture

25. Google+ Haters Who Hate On It All Day Long on Google+

26. The So…How-Do-I-Know-These-People? People

27. Dude Who Is Nursing His Saturday-Morning Hangover. Ugh

Google+ Gets a Feature Update Center

In response to user feedback, Google has launched a new section of the Google+ center dedicated to Google+ feature updates.

The “What’s new in Google+” section is essentially a list of release notes for the Google+ Project. The updates are smaller than Google’s traditional blog posts, but longer than most of its Help Center pages. It’s a centralized location for finding out what new features Google has added to its social network.

Most of the “posts” include YouTube video explanations about the feature updates (recorded by Googlers), along with a link to the Google+ post where the feature was announced. The search giant is clearly trying to eat its own dog food when it comes to Google+.

While we appreciate the centralized location for getting updates about Google+ features, we believe the company would be better served setting up a blog for the Google+ project and updating that on a regular basis. At least that way we could subscribe to the updates in our Google Readers (which still counts as the big G eating its own dog food)

Click here for Update Center

Google+ App for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4

When launched, the App Store started serving a previous test version of the App which didn't have the stability and fixes that the latest version had. It started serving the correct version a little later. If you downloaded within the first 1 hour 40 mins, you may have downloaded the older test version.

Google+ for mobile makes sharing the right things with the right people a lot simpler. Huddle lets you send super-fast messages to the people you care about most. And no matter where you are, the stream lets you stay in the loop about what your friends are sharing and where they’re checking in.

* Circles let you share the right things with just the right people.
* Stream is where you can get updates from your circles or see what people are saying about things nearby.
* Huddle is super-fast group messaging for everyone in your circles.

Google+ is only available for users 18 and older.

Click here for App.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

40 Google Plus Tips For Power Users

Google+ Tips 

1. Use hotkeys to get around Google+ faster. In your Stream, press "j" or "k" to move through posts, and press Enter to start a comment. (Pressing Tab and then Enter will cause your comment to be submitted; hitting Tab twice and then Enter will cause it to be cancelled.) You can also press "q" to jump to the Google+ chat box.
2. Hotkeys work in the notification drop-down, too: Press "j" or "k" to move up or down in the list, and then press Enter to open any individual notification. When viewing a notification, "j" or "k" will let you progress forward or backward to other items. Pressing "Esc" will close the notification window altogether.
3. Want more hotkeys? Check out the G+ Extended extension for the Chrome Web browser. It adds a series of additional options, including hotkeys for +1'ing posts, sharing posts, and expanding comments.
40 Google+ Tips and Tricks for Power Users4. If comments are getting out of control in your Stream, try the +Comment Chrome extension. It collapses all comment threads so you see them only when you click to expand. Another good option is the G+me Google+ extension; it leaves comments expanded by default but gives you a one-click option to collapse any thread or post on demand. It also provides badge-style comment counters to help you keep tabs on new activity for items you've collapsed.
5. You can take a specific item entirely out of your Stream by clicking the small drop-down arrow next to it, then selecting "Mute this post." That'll also keep you from receiving any future notifications about the item.
6. On your own posts, that same drop-down arrow holds options to shut down comments and prevent people from resharing. The commands affect only the specific item you're viewing.
7. Sometimes leaving a comment on an active post can turn into a bouncing-screen challenge, thanks to the top-of-page activity always pressing your Stream downward. To solve this, click the drop-down arrow next to the post you're viewing and select "Link to this post." That'll open the post in a new tab; type your comment there, then close the tab when you're finished.

Google plus comes to Windows Phone 7

Google is a company that has repeatedly proved itself in every arena, except social networking. After the Google Buzz debacle, Google has tried to redeem itself by launching the Google+ social network.

Google + is Google's attempt to ace Facebook and Twitter. It has tried to compete with these two by providing the Google+ app on almost every smartphone platform. It has already unveiled the Google+ app for the iPhone and Android phones and the Google+ app for Windows phone 7 release next week.

The Google+ app for the Windows Phone 7 is not much different from the Facebook app for the same platform but it does offer some advantages.

Unlike Facebook, where you cannot edit a post after you have posted, the Google + app on your windows phone provides you the ability to modify a post even after sharing it. It has enhanced integration with Google Chat. It has fixed one of the major issues with Facebook, which is its photo-sharing capability. One can instantly upload photos with Google+. Unlike Facebook, you can update Google+ right from your home screen. In addition to that, it also keeps a tab on the user's location and provides advanced privacy settings. As a Google+ user, you can customize everything as per your own usage whether it is notifications, account settings or anything else.  

Google+ has an edge over other social networks as it offers the ability to use applications such as Google Docs and calendar with its circles.

You can also switch this application off on your Windows Phone 7 according to your own convenience.

Google+ has already generated a storm in the market. Its availability on the Windows phone 7 makes it even more popular and provides a win-win situation for both.

Source ..Click Here

Google Triples the Speed of the +1 Button

The +1 button is about to get a whole lot faster, thanks to an update Google rolled out on Tuesday.

“We’ve begun to roll out out a set of changes that will make the button render up to 3x faster on your site,” software engineer David Byttow said in a blog post. “No action is required on your part, so just sit back, relax, and watch as the button loads more quickly than before.”

In addition to the speed boost, Google also introduced new code that speeds up the +1 button via an asynchronous code snippet. The code allows a web page to load with the +1 JavaScript code in parallel. The result is another improvement in page load time. The code is available on the +1 configuration page.

The +1 button is Google’s answer to Facebook’s Like Button. Since its launch, it has quickly gained adoption, and one report even claims its more widespread than the Twitter Tweet Button.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Google+ adds $45 billion to Net giant's market value

The launch and hyper growth of Google's ambitious Google+ social site has helped fuel a meteoric rise in the company's stock.

Thursday marks one month since the search king unveiled its Google+ to grab attention and advertising dollars away from Facebook. Google+ is the search company's foray into social networking that numbers more than 10 million members since launch.
In that time, Google stock is up nearly 30%, boosting the company's valuation by $45 billion to a market capitalization of roughly $200 billion.

"Google+ has had a lot to do with the perceptions," says Scott Kessler, equity analyst at Standard & Poor's Equity Research. "People look at Google as being … a pretty important player in social media."
Put into perspective, the valuation gain is more than half the estimated value of privately traded Facebook. The social-networking giant holds an $84.7 billion valuation on the private stock-trading network And Facebook launched more than seven years ago.

Google's one-month valuation jump is more than five times Twitter's estimated $8 billion value and more than double Groupon's $18.1 billion, according to Twitter hasn't filed to go public.
Google stock traded at $482.80 on June 27, the day before Google+ launched, and closed at $622.52 Tuesday. Google shares touched a 52-week high of $642.96 earlier in the year.

To be sure, Google's blockbuster second-quarter profit gains of 36%, reported July 14, didn't hurt in nudging up the stock. But Google opened the earnings call trumpeting whopping adoption numbers for Google+ and focused praise on the product's mojo companywide. CEO Larry Page used the call to tout Goggle+'s 10 million users, grabbed in just two weeks.

Still, it remains to be seen how well Google+ fares once the honeymoon is over. Google has already taken some lumps over its axing of business users. Google responded by saying it plans a launch for businesses later this year.

Google+ Ultimate for Google Plus

This is an extension for Google Plus (, G+, Google+) to add functionatility and themeing for the site. I have big plans for added features, but I'm taking them slow so I can get them all working properly before moving to the next.


-Adds stylized theme to Google Plus to add to the experience and make it easier to read.
-Adds notifications to the extension icon (beta)
-Enables floating top and left navigation along with an ultra compact navigation to help minimalize the navigation
-Enables an option side-by-side status viewing  and/or scrollable statuses(off by default) (For preview)
-Allows option to move Chatbox to the top navigation as a drop down button. (on by default, but can be turned off)
-Thin scrollbars option (on by default)
-Resize images and embeds to a smaller thumbnail (for those who prefer Facebook's style of image sharing)
-Many many more!

Click Here For extension

Beautify G+ Chrome Extension

This extension will add some features that are missing in Google Plus, starting with:

* Fixed position of the menubar
* Fixed position of the left column
* Fixed position of the right column
* +1 any Website you are on
* Option to hide suggestions and "Go Mobile"
* Option to enable favicon notifications
* Option to enable audio notifications

Click Here for Extension

Monday, 25 July 2011

Top 104 Photographers To Circle In Google+

 100 brilliant photographers for you to follow.Google+ is a great showcase for professional photographers. With in-house editing tools like Picnik, and beautiful ways to display your work, photographers can really shine. 

  1. +Alan Shapiro
  2. +Alex Koloskov 
  3. +Alexander S. Kunz 
  4. +Alexandre Buisse 
  5. +Alfie Goodrich
  6. +Alfred Plyer Photography
  7. +Andrea Acailawen
  8. +Beau Kahler
  9. +Bjorn van Sinttruije 
  10. +Brian Matiash
  11. +Carl Stovell
  12. +Cassius Wright
  13. +Chris Collacott
  14. +Chris Marquardt
  15. +Christian Anderson
  16. +Christopher Jay
  17. +Christopher Michel
  18. +Colby Brown 
  19. +Damien Franco
  20. +Dave Beckerman 
  21. +Dan Carr
  22. +Dave Cox
  23. +Dave Powell
  24. +Dariusz Majgier
  25. +dominique palombieri 
  26. +Eric Kim
  27. +Eric Leslie
  28. +Erly Bahsan
  29. +Felipe Apostol
  30. +FFrame
  31. +Frank Doorhof
  32. +G Dan Mitchell
  33. +Gary Austin
  34. +Gary Crabbe
  35. +Giulio Bassi
  36. +Giuseppe Basile
  37. +Greg Schmigel
  38. +Guido Steenkamp
  39. +Heimo Wenzel 
  40. +helen sotiriadis 
  41. +Jacek Smoter
  42. +Jan H. Andersen
  43. +Jao van de Lagemaat
  44. +Jarek Klimek - Editor in Chief and Co-founder of 1150 Pixel Photography Magazine
  45. +Jesse Pafundi 
  46. +Jim Goldstein
  47. +Joe Azure
  48. +Johannes Kick
  49. +John Powell EFIAP DPAGB
  50. +Joshua Powell
  51. +Kieran O'Connor Photography 
  52. +Kjetil Greger Pedersen
  53. +Klaus Herrmann
  54. +Kyle Marquardt
  55. +Leanne Staples 
  56. +Lotus Carroll 
  57. +Mark Stagi 
  58. +Matt Weber 
  59. +Miami Tom 
  60. +Michael Russell
  61. +Michiel de Lange Photography
  62. +Mihailo Radicevic
  63. +Mike Olbinski 
  64. +Mike Shaw Photography
  65. +Nate Zeman Photography
  66. +Neal Urban
  67. +Nichole McCall
  68. +Nicole S. Young
  69. +Patrick Di Fruscia
  70. +Patrick Smith
  71. +Paul R. Giunta
  72. +Pierrick Blons
  73. +QT Luong
  74. +Rick Sammon
  75. +Ricky L. Jones Photography
  76. +Rob Daugherty
  77. +Robbie Schmelzer
  78. +Robert Larson
  79. +Roland Vogt
  80. +Romain Guy
  81. +Roman Tripler 
  82. +Ron Niebrugge 
  83. +Sathish Jothikumar
  84. +Saurabh Deoras 
  85. +Scott Jarvie
  86. +Seung Kye Lee
  87. +Shane Srogi
  88. +Star Rush
  89. +Stephen Ingraham
  90. +Steve Febbraro  
  91. +Takahiro Yamamoto
  92. +Terje Sørgjerd
  93. +Terry Nelson
  94. +Thom Hogan
  95. +Thomas Hawk
  96. +Thomas Leuthard
  97. +Tony Eccles
  98. +Tony Sharp 
  99. +Trey Ratcliff - Google+ superstar with over 45,000 followers
  100. +Trond Lindholm
  101. +Varina Patel
  102. +Victor Bezrukov
  103. +Vivienne Gucwa
  104. +William Burrard-Lucas 

Photo Website Founders

Google+ Photos/Picnik 

    Googler Steve Lacey Killed by Drunk Driver

    Google engineer Steve Lacey, 43, a veteran of the Seattle region’s tech community who worked for more than a decade at Microsoft, died Sunday in a car crash in Kirkland.
    KING 5 News reports that that Lacey was the victim of a road rage incident in which he hadn’t been involved. A widely respected software engineer who often displayed his sense of humor on his well-read blog, Lacey had two children, ages 5 and 7. He and his wife had recently celebrated their 10th anniversary.
    Lacey, who received his master’s in software engineering in his native U.K., moved to Redmond in 1997 from London, two years after the 3D graphics startup where he worked was acquired by Microsoft. His online bio describes his work at Microsoft and demonstrates his passion for technology.

    Lacey left Microsoft in January 2006 to start SwitchGear software with another former Microsoftie, Joe Stacy. Later that year, Lacey joined Google’s Kirkland office.
    “The food was too good to be ignored,” he explained in his bio.
    He also worked briefly at Facebook last year, according to his Google+ profile, but he had been working most recently at Google, focusing on Chrome video.
    In the incident Sunday afternoon, state troopers told KING-5 that the driver of a Hyundai Sonata lost control, rolled and crashed into a BMW being driven by Lacey on NE 85th Street. The Hyundai driver had exited Interstate 405 at high speed in pursuit of another car that the Hyundai driver says cut him off on the freeway. KING reports that investigators believe the Hyundai driver had been drinking.

    10 Creative Ways To Use Google Plus Hangouts

    1. Celebrating Birthdays

    You are having birthday of your kid and some of family members are not around. Its an inexplicable emotional feeling to see your loved one’s face at his/her birthday. Through Google+ Hangouts other members who are not present and are on different places, can enjoy those moments of celebration.

    2. Hangouts Of Live Cooking

    You want to make a dish but not sure about the recipe. Don’t worry, go and hangout with  your friends and organize a live cooking session. Its amazing to make food while hanging out with friends.

    3. To Teach Remote Students

    A good resource for those who give online coaching to their students. With hangouts, its like a live classroom over internet. Imagine one teacher taking individual coaching of a student or simultaneously imparting knowledge to 9 students.

    4. Weekend Chat With Friends

    Its a long time after you started this new job or left college or moved out to this place and from that long you haven’t talked much to your friends. Go, invite your friends over a weekend hangout and enjoy those old college jokes, discuss about new happenings and feel the magic of being with them again.

    5. Client Meetup Over Hangouts

    Skype is a great tool to have professional remote meetings but it has its own limitations in terms of group meetings. Try Google Plus Hangout for a client meetup. You can feel it a bit unprofessional but its OK after all you are there to work and that too more efficiently, not to show off.

    6. Hangout Project Discussions

    You are working with a team of guys who are masters in their areas and they are all in different countries or places. Use hangout to discuss project plans, strategies, schedules and processes etc.

    7. See Synced Youtube Videos With Friends & Families

    You can not enjoy alone for long. Few people can say, they do but the reality of joy is enjoying together. Watching videos together with your friends and families is another experience you may have by Google+ Hangouts.

    8. Hangout With Your Audience

    This looks strange but it works. Hanging out with your audience in a way that KOMU-TV in Columbia is doing. Sarah Hill, an anchor from the channel has organized hangout and started inviting her friends to give them a view of behind-the-scenes newsroom.

    9. Recruitment Interviews On Hangouts

    This is something that could be interesting for some. In those cases where applicant is in another city and for interview he has to travel long or you have to organize a group discussion of 8-9 people to get an idea about who is best among them, you can use Google+ Hangouts.

    10. Collaborative Working Through Hangouts

    Many collaborative working tools are available in the market from live document editing solutions to p2p services. Google+ Hangout can be a pretty good tool for social collaborative working.

    For some, some of the above may work and some not. What you think? Which one could work for you? or how you would like to use hangouts in your own way?

    Sunday, 24 July 2011

    Google Acquires Facial Recognition Technology Company

    Google has acquired a seven-year-old company that develops facial-recognition technology for images and video, though the Web-search giant didn’t say what it plans to do with it.

    The company, called Pittsburgh Pattern Recognition, or PittPatt, is run by three “image analysis” and “pattern recognition” specialists with PhD’s from Carnegie Mellon University, according to its site. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.

    A statement on PittPatt’s site said on Friday that “computer vision technology is already at the core of many existing products” at Google, including Image Search, YouTube and Picasa, “so it’s a natural fit to join Google and bring the benefits of our research and technology to a wider audience. We will continue to tap the potential of computer vision in applications that range from simple photo organization to complex video and mobile applications.”

    A Google spokesman said PittPatt developed “innovative technology” in the area of computer vision and that its research “can benefit our users in many ways,” without elaborating.

    Regarding face recognition, the spokesman said, “We’ve said that we won’t add face recognition to our apps or product features unless we have strong privacy protections in place, and that’s still the case.”

    Google has said it built facial recognition technology for smartphones into a product known as Google Goggles, but withheld it. “As far as I know, it’s the only technology that Google built and after looking at it, we decided to stop,” said Google Chairman Eric Schmidt last month at a conference. “People could use this stuff in a very, very bad way as well as in a good way.”

    During its annual developer conference in May, Google showed off something called “Virtual Camera Operator,” which uses computer-vision technology to stabilize mobile video chats by following a person’s head movements and to determine who is speaking during a multi-person video conference so that the camera would automatically focus on the speaker.

    It also recently launched Google+, a social network that lets people share and store photos, among other things. Rival Facebook has face-recognition technology to identify people in photos, which has raised concerns from privacy advocates. The technology, first introduced last year, was designed to help Facebook users easily identify and mark, or “tag,” friends in photos as they upload them to the social-networking site.

    “If for any reason someone doesn’t want their name to be suggested” for tagging, “they can disable the feature in their Privacy Settings,” Facebook has said.

    PittPatt’s software “accurately counts the number of people viewed by a video camera” and “it can automatically generate reports measuring the presence and movement of people over extended periods of time,” according to a cached version of its website.

    Some of the “practical applications” of the technology include measuring “the effectiveness of digital signage, advertising, kiosks and narrowcasting”; “customer traffic flow,” or gathering “insight into customer behavior and shopping patterns; “security-related matters” such as being able to send alerts when the PittPatt software detects a face that isn’t in its database.

    PittPatt offered a tool for people to “integrate face finding and tracking into your own product,” and in 2007 it partnered with General Electric to develop an “intelligent security camera system,” the site said. The GE system “will obtain high resolution facial imagery using a motorized pan-tilt-zoom camera that will track and zoom in on faces that enter the field of view,” according to the site.

    Saturday, 23 July 2011

    Top 15 Chrome Extensions For Google Plus | 15 Most Used Chrome Extensions For Google Plus

    1)Photo Zoom : +Photo Zoom is a simple extension providing fast and simple zooming for photos within your Google+ Stream. Just hover over the image you wish to zoom and +Photo Zoom will load the enlarged version of the picture.
    Click here for Extension

    2) Surplus : This plugin opens Google+ account in a pop window from Navigation Bar.
    * Post or respond from within the popup
    * Desktop Notifications
    * Notification sounds
    * Switch between multiple Google accounts
    Click here for Extension

    3) Start G+ : This extension helps to put your Facebook and Twitter streams inside your Google Plus. Automatically post to Facebook and Twitter whenever you share something on Google Plus. It also adds a Gmail inbox notifier to the top bar, so that you do not have to keep a gmail tab open. Clicking on the Gmail icon shows a menu with the unread messages that let you access your emails directly inside Google+.
    Click here for Extension

    4) Share+ Social Buttons for Google Plus : Similar Plugin like Start G+. This Chrome extension will add a context-link icon below your Google Plus post in order to share your post to some well-known social platforms.

    5) G+ Extended : This extension adds some much needed shortcuts for users of Google+.
    Press “+” for +1′ing a post.
    Press “-” for removing your +1 on a post.
    Press “p” to toggle your +1 on a post.
    Press “s” to share a post.
    Press “e” to expand older comments on a post.
    Click here for Extension

    6)  Helper for Google+ : This extension adds twitter and translate link to every Google Plus post. Translate posts with Google Translate to language specified by you.
    Click here for Extension

    7) Usability Boost for Google Plus : Google+ layout is simple and elegant. This extension helps to focus on the content, separating visually posts and comments.The Google/Notification bar stays at a fixed position on top so you’ll never miss a notification again.
    Click here for Extension

     8) Notification Count for Google Plus or GPlus notifications: This plugin creates a notification button on the top navigational bar in your chrome browser. The button will show when a new update,comment notification about your Google plus account.
    Click here for Extension

    9) Facebook Like for Google plus : This extension adds “Facebook Like” button instead of “+1 button” in your Google+ account .

    10) Google +1 & Facebook Like :  Recommend any webpage via Google +1 [plus one] and Facebook LIKE in just 2 clicks. Its Simple, Fast and Light weight..
    Click here for Extension

    11) Color Plus : Color Plus is a Chrome extension that lets you change the color of the Google Plus bar because the gray is utterly boring.
    Click here for Extension

    12) -1 Minus One : This extension adds -1 button in Google+ . Its a similar one to Facebook’s dislike button.
    Click here for Extension

    13) +Comment Toggle : +Comment Toggle hides any comments to posts within your Stream and makes them available if and when you actually want to see them.
    Click here for Extension

    14) Facebook style Theme for Google+: Facebook+ is a new extension for Google Chrome which transforms the look of Google+ and makes it similar to Facebook. Facebook+ is a simple extension to change some of the elements in Google+ to look like Facebook.
    Click here for Extension

    15) Extended Share for Google Plus :  This add-on helps to share Google Plus Posts on other social network Sites. Google+ does not have a quick way sharing your posts to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, this extension will add a link “Share on …” to each post. Once clicked, it will bring up an internal bubble asking you where to share your post.
    Click here for Extension

    List Of Facebook Employees On Google Plus


    So, there seemed to be a lot of interest in this Googlers on Google+ list: 4 Facebook employees are also on G+ and can make for a very interesting circle. Here we go!

    +Mark Zuckerberg

    Executive Team
    +Christopher Cox (VP, Product)
    +Lori Goler (VP, Human Resources & Recruiting)
    +Dan Rose (VP, Partnerships & Platform Marketing)
    +Sheryl Sandberg (Chief Operating Officer)
    +Elliot Schrage (VP, Global Comm., Marketing & Public Policy)
    +Mike Schroepfer (VP, Engineering)
    +Bret Taylor (Chief Technology Officer)

    +Kate Aronowitz (Director of Design)
    +Ethan Beard (Director of Facebook Developer Network)
    +Peter Deng (Director of Product Management)
    +David Fisch (Director of Business Development)
    +Debbie Frost (Director of Comm./Public Affairs)
    +Justin Osofsky (Director of Platform Partnerships)
    +Blake Ross (Director of Product)
    +Alex Schultz (Director of Growth)
    +vaughan smith (Director of Corporate Development)

    +Paul Adams (Product Manager)
    +Eric Antonow (Product Marketing)
    +Will Cathcart (Product Manager)
    +luke delorme (Product Manager)
    +Rohit Dhawan (Lead Product Manager, FB Pages)
    +Naomi Gleit (VP, User Feedback)
    +Adrian Graham (Product Manager, FB Questions)
    +Cat Lee (Platform Product Marketing)
    +sam lessin (Product Manager)
    +David Recordon (Senior Open Programs Manager)

    +Keith Adams (Software Engineer)
    +Aditya Agarwal (Engineering Director)
    +Arjun Banker (Software Engineer)
    +Jing Chen (Software Engineer)
    +Brent Goldman (Software Engineer)
    +Benjamin Golub (Engineer, Platform)
    +Adam Hupp (Software Engineer)
    +Pedram Keyani (Engineer, Site Integrity)
    +Tobie Langel (Software Engineer)
    +Justin Mitchell (Engineer, FB Photos)
    +Zach Rait (Engineer, Infrastructure)
    +Arthur Rudolph (Software Engineer)
    +Yariv Sadan (Engineer, Mobile)
    +Luke Shepard (Engineering Manager)
    +Mike Vernal (Engineer, Platform)

    +Nathan Borror (Product Designer)
    +Eric Fisher (Social Design Strategist)
    +Rob Goodlatte (Product Designer)
    +Drew Hamlin (Product Designer)
    +Greg Hoy (Design Recruiter)
    +Francis Luu (Product Designer)
    +Adam Mosseri (Product Design Manager)

    Partner/Developer Relations
    +Jeff Bowen (Platform Developer Relations)
    +Jacqueline Chang (Strategic Partner Manager)
    +Andy Katzman (Platform Partnerships)
    +Vadim Lavrusik (Journalist Program Manager)
    +andy mitchell (Strategic Media Partnerships)

    +Erick Tseng (Head of Mobile Products)

    +Pete Bratach (Technical Writer)
    +Sean Bruich (Monetization Analytics)
    +Cameron Marlow (Data Scientist)

    +Kevin Colleran (Sales)
    +Todd Miner (Head of Sales IT)
    +eric toda (Ad Ops, Global Marketing Solutions)

    +Richard Cho (Recruiting Manager)