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What does Mark Zuckerberg think of Google Plus Zuckerberg's words on Google+

What does Mark Zuckerberg think of Google+, the search giant’s new social network?

We were curious, when  Zuckerberg was two questions at Facebook’s video chat event in Palo Alto, California: Will there be group video chat in the future? And what does he think of Google+ Hangouts, Google’s new group video chat feature?

On the first question, Zuckerberg simply said that he “wouldn’t rule out anything,” but argued that we shouldn’t knock the value of one-on-one video chat, especially with a platform as large as Facebook. He also used the opportunity to make it clear that the partnership with Skype has been going on for a long time, even before Tony Bates became the CEO of Skype. “We’ve been working with Skype for a while,” he told the audience.

Facebook’s CEO danced around the second question. He reiterated his key talking point: that the next five years are about building apps on top of the social infrastructure that has been built during the past five years. Zuckerberg predicts that a lot of companies that haven’t traditionally looked at social networking will be focused on integrating it into their apps. He cited Netflix as one example, and was clearly alluding to Google as another.

While he didn’t give Google+ a thumbs up or a thumbs down, he did say that the rise of social in more companies was in line with his view of the world. “I view a lot of this as validation as to how the next five years are going to play out,” he noted during his talk.

Zuckerberg doesn’t seem concerned by the potential threat Google+ presents. “Our job is to stay focused,” he said.

How to import your Facebook Contacts to Google plus using Yahoo.

There is no direct way, we can export Facebook contacts, so, what we have to do is follow below steps to get all your Facebook friends to Google+.

You need to have one Yahoo Email Address, if you don’t have please register at yahoo to get yahoo email address

Importing contacts to Facebook required to follow two steps.Facebook don’t allow Gmail service to import their data. only we can do using yahoo service. if you don’t have yahoo email address, please register and take a one for.

First we Import Facebook contacts to yahoo
then, we  link yahoo profile to access facebook contatcs . that’ it All Your Facebook Friends in Google Plus.
Hmm….Not getting..don’t worry , here is step by step process explain how to import Facebook contacts to yahoo.Hotmail and Google plus service.

How to Import Facebook contacts to Yahoo

Login to  your yahoo email address’s and go to contacts Tab as shown in Below screen

Now click on import contacts , you will be come which various options, where you wold like to import conatcs like  Facebook,Yahoo.GMail and so on Simply click on facebook icon to start importing contacts from facebook

After you complete with importing contacts to yahoo, a message comes like as shown in below screenshot.

So, all your friends contacts in yahoo now, yahoo allow us to export those contatcs to various format.

Connect Yahoo Profile from Google Plus to import Facebook Contacts

Now simply loging to your google+ Account, and  go to circle tab, and connect your yahoo profile from google plus account.
That’s it, Now all you facebook contacts are now imported and accessible from google plus service. let me know any issue in steps of import facebook contacts to google plus.

Go back to Google+ and your newly imported contacts will show up under find and invite.
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Blogger and Picasa Web Could Be Rebranded

Mashable reports that Blogger and Picasa Web Albums can change your name into Google Blogs and photos from Google. "Google intends to withdraw a number of marks is not Google the name and rename them as the Google products. The move is part of a larger effort to unify its brand to the public launch of Google +".

While Google Photos is a much, replacing Blogs Google Blogger is a great idea. When people say "Google Blogs", referring to the long list of Google's corporate blogs. "Google Blogs" is already being used for Google Blog Search, but only to the home page.

On the other hand, Blogger can be redesigned and the use of interface elements of Google + Blogger profiles could be replaced by Google Profiles, the feedback system could be renovated and integrated with Google +. One of the reasons for Picasa Web Albums did not improve too much, it has always been perceived as an online extension of Picasa. It was an independent photo-sharing service and many of its features requires Picasa. You can not upload more than five photos, download albums or edit pictures without installing Picasa. Google considers rename Picasa Web in 2008.  

According to Marshable Blog .

The transition from Picasa and Google's Blogger Blogs Pictures and Google will result "in a month and a half months," we were told. The date is aligned with the likely launch of Google + public. Mashable has said he hopes the public debut of Google + on or before July 31. The date is important because it is the day all the particular Google profiles will be deleted.

We believe that Google does not want private profiles after the public launch Google +. Instead, the company is likely that users who want more privacy to use circles to keep their groups of friends.

The effort to unify the brand will be the largest in the history of the company - which has never changed the name of a property as big as Blogger. The popular blogging service creation has been getting lots of extra love recently. In March, Google announced that Blogger will receive a major overhaul. We doubt that many hoped that the review would include a re-branding, however.

Google + makes perfect sense to Blogger and Picasa - both are social products that improve as more people use them. It is important to note that Google + already has a photo feature, a product that we believe that using technology Picasa. It is also important to note that Google + 's photo essay Picasa has no mark of any kind.

How to Transfer your Facebook photos to Google Plus using Move2picasa.

HI folks, Google + ,Google is a huge company and has all the knowledge and resources that’s required to make Google + a strong competitor to Facebook and Twitter.

According to me it would take some doing before Google + could actually make inroads into the Facebook and Twitter viewership. Till then people would keep using Facebook and Twitter and use Google as a spare Tyre if any of the main Tyre busts you would have something to fall back to.

We all have been using Facebook and its features for quite a while now and one of these features include Photos. So if you decide to get these photos transferred over to Google + it would be a big pain on thee A##. We at Techspere love to make our viewers aware of tools and services that make their life easier.

Move2picasa is one such amazing tool that would make your life easy, if you want to transfer pictures from Facebook over to Google +.

Move2Picasa transfers your Facebook pictures over to Picasa, the service Google Plus  uses for Images. Transfer of Images can take anywhere from a few hours to to few days however everything is automated so sit back and relax.

Move2picasa has received overwhelming response hence the services are suspended until the backlog they have is cleared. Follow The blog and get the latest Updates Reguarding this.

1. You might see multiple Albums, that is due to a bug I introduced to the previous web application not due to this latest Chrome App. 
2. Latest version of this application asks if you want to delete the empty albums my old application might have created.
3. If there is a problem while uploading, just refresh the page. It should work.
4. This app needs permission to access data from all websites because Facebook pictures are from multiple domain which I don't have a list of. 

But Now Move2picasa is available as chrome extension click here for chrome extension