Thursday, 14 July 2011

Google+ already has 10 million users who share 1 billion items every day Confrimed By Google Plus.

Previous estimates by tech guru Paul Allen put Google’s magical 10,000,000 Google+ milestone falling this weekend. Being “unofficial” and all, critics called Allen’s estimate a tad too optimistic. But as it turns out Paul Allen was actually a little too conservative.

Google CEO Larry Page, speaking to analysts during Google’s second-quarter earnings conference call He confrimed Google+ already has 10 million users who share 1 billion items every day, and Google’s +1 button is being hit 2.3 billion times per day.

Today Google confirmed that Google+ officially saw its 10 millionth user sign up for the new social networking service and that Google+ is now serving over 1 billion shared items per day. For a social networking service that started at 0 public users a few short weeks ago, it’s nothing short of impressive It essentially equates to accumulating 13% of Facebook’s 750 million users in just two weeks.

In mobile news: Android’s locomotive continues along with Google now claiming over 550,000 new activations each and every day. If you recall, breaking the 500,000/day milestone came just two weeks ago.

Usability Boost for Google Plus |help you visualize the flow of informations on Google Plus

This extension will help you visualize the flow of informations on Google Plus

It's small CSS changes that put the focus on the content, separating visually posts and comments

The Google/Notification bar stays at a fixed position on top so you'll never miss a notification again !



- notification page fix
- aesthetic improvements for profile page and simple post page


- options page !
- opt-in : fixed top bar
- opt-in : grey background
- icon for the extension for easy access to the options
- new permission needed to manage the options page (the extension does not read your history at all, it doesn't even read any data, it just adds css rules)

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Address Book Uploader coming to Google Plus.

Address Book Uploader coming to Google+

One of the most flexible tools is an address book uploader. so that Google Plus Users Can find their Buddies Easy and fast.

This was shared By Rohit Khare In his Blog post

Post Summary:

"We’ve been listening to feedback from our users who want more flexible ways to find their friends on Google+. One of the most flexible tools is an address book uploader, and I wanted to share the good news that it will be rolling out to everyone over the next few days.
Many email systems— and even some social networks — put users in charge of their own data by helping them export their contacts in the standard CSV or vCard formats.

One thing about our uploader is that we won’t mix your imported contacts up with all of your other Google Contacts. We only store the ones that you put into your Circles.
We’re hoping our new address book uploader helps users discover new ways to find their friends. As always, keep the feedback coming, and thanks for using Google+!"

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Google Plus is now Accelerating On All Programs-Update on Business Profiles

Google, which had initially planned to test business partners on Google+ later this year but is moving more quickly with that program. A Google executive now says the company plans to announce a group of partners next week.

Christian Oestlien, group product manager at Google, wrote in a blog post Wednesday evening that the interest from “thousands upon thousands” of businesses “has got us very focused on accelerating our business plans.”

Blog Post: Click Here

According to Him
If you have not already, please be sure to submit your business for our test phase. You can apply to be a part of this test here: . We will be closing this form on Friday (July 15th) at 6pm PST. To the thousands upon thousands of businesses that applied to be a part: THANK YOU! We won't be able to accommodate everyone, but your interest has got us very focused on accelerating our development plans.

+Dennis Troper (product manager for business profiles), myself and the rest our team will focus next week on selecting a diverse set of business partners for the test period. We will be communicating with these partners next week, and will let the world know who they are soon thereafter. Please note that we are still actively closing profiles that are being used by businesses today. Stay engaged on Google+ with your personal account and continue to send us your excellent feedback. We'll continue to be very proactive in communicating with everyone around our plans for businesses.

Businesses interested in being considered for the test program have until Friday to get their applications in
here    here.[updated]

Google Plus Profile Search | Search Public Google+ Content

Google Plus Profile Search | Search Public Google+ Content 
Google AJAX Search API Sample


Google Plus Blog

Changes To be made in the Google Plus in the following week

The following are the changes to be implemented next week in Google Plus :

1.Ability to modify circles a post is shared with after posting it
2. Google+ Android App update for Reading sparks and +1 comments
3.Lifting of the 5000 circle cap
4.The ability to overlap circles
5.Easy private messaging option including to person who starts a thread
6.Google+ app for Windows Phone 7
7.Better integration of Google Chat with Google+
8.Fix issues with instant upload for photos
9.Ability to share with all circles, but with an “except” option
10.Ability to share Google Docs and Calendar with circles
11.Revamp Google Reader to make sharing easier
12.File-sharing integration
13.Addition of hashtags to aid searching
14. Faster updates to the no. of people following you
15.Revamped minor UI change