Friday, 29 July 2011

27 Google+ People Who Deserve Their Own Circle

1. Dude Who Hates Mondays

2. People Who Just Woke Up and Are Overly Optimistic About What the Day Holds for Them

3. Breakfast-Food Chroniclers

4. Ladies Who Are Always Having Bad Days

5. Ladies Who Find Happiness in the Most Banal Things, Like, Say, This Sidewalk

6. Bible-Quoting Relatives

7. "Tao of Pooh"-Quoting Relatives

8. On-My-Fourth-Coffee People

9. People Who Just Discovered the Honey Badger Video

10. Dude Who Is Wondering: "How Is It Only Wednesday?"


12. people who write like they are e.e. cummings

13. Mr. and Mrs. "Wheels Up!" to Yet Another Fancy-Pants Exotic Location

14. Girls Who Link to Every Cat Video in the History of the Internet

15. The Only Person You Know Who Likes Hockey

16. Exes That Might Be Stalking You

17. TGIF! Dude

18. Old High-School Friends You Wouldn't Recognize if They Were Sitting Next to You

19. Inexplicably Shirtless Profile-Picture People

20. Runner Who Just Finished 2 Miles in 13:20

21. People Who Check Into Every Place That It's Possible to Check Into

22. Dude Who Is So Regretting That 4 A.M. Shot of SoCo and Lime

23. New Parents Who Post Three Dozen Pictures of Their Baby Daily

24. Friends Who Need Help Moving Furniture

25. Google+ Haters Who Hate On It All Day Long on Google+

26. The So…How-Do-I-Know-These-People? People

27. Dude Who Is Nursing His Saturday-Morning Hangover. Ugh

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