Friday, 8 July 2011

Google Response for the Frequently Asked Questions About Google Plus.



Questions Concerning Google Plus Answered

Google Plus, Google’s latest venture into social networking, has been a very frequently discussed topic since its announcement. However, there are still people with questions about the new service. This article answers four of the most commonly asked questions about the new Google Plus.

Question #1: Will Google Plus Really Take Over Facebook?

Answer: As soon as Google Plus was officially announced, it had people talking about if it could possibly have what it takes to pass up Facebook. Users who have moved to the network are already saying that the fun they’re having using Google Plus makes Facebook seem boring. So, will Google Plus be the end of Facebook? With this kind of positive reception, there’s definitely a possibility that it may.

Question #2: Is Google Plus Worth It Just For Hangouts?

Answer: Hangouts is not only a feature that those wanting to communicate with friends and family will enjoy, but also businesspeople when it comes to having conference calls long-distance. Although it does suffer from a few setbacks – the Safari browser is given a little trouble by the networking platform, and any Mac with an operating system below OS X 10.5 will not be able to download the necessary plug-in – but at the rate that people are enjoying themselves, Google Plus definitely appears to be worth a try, even if just to take Hangouts for a test drive. Google Plus is the first online service to offer group video chat out of an Internet browser.

Question #3: How Does The Google Plus Navigation Bar Work?

Answer: Another feature that users seem to be enjoying in Google Plus is the navigation bar. This black bar allows Google Plus users to remain connected to the platform without being on the homepage. The navigation bar can be found at the top of every webpage having anything to do with Google. The main point of the navigation bar is the notifications users receive on it. In a concept much like Facebook’s, the navigation bar alerts users to when Plus activity occurs that is relevant to them, whether it be a new message, or being tagged in a photo or post. The number of notifications received is also shown, which turns into a drop-down box when clicked on, showing all of the latest notifications.

Question #4: Is Managing Circles In Google Plus Easy?

Answer: Managing your Circles in Google Plus is much more simple than managing lists on Twitter or friends on Facebook. However, there are a few downsides. Having a person listed under multiple email addresses in your contacts will result in repeat appearances on your lists in Facebook. Also, should you change jobs, your “Work” circle will no longer be up to date, and will as a result need to be resorted. But these issues are the least of what users face when trying to use other sites.

In this article, you were given the answers to four of the most frequently asked questions concerning Google’s latest project, Google Plus. With the answers to these questions, it should be easy to see that Google Plus has a bright future ahead of it. Given time, we’ll find out if the service will truly live up to everyone’s expectations.

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