Thursday, 7 July 2011

How To Update Your Google Plus Status via SMS Securely?

I'm certainly not sure how many of you are using this wonderful social network, which has tremendous feature. You may want to see this: Google, along with review. Whenever there is an update of Google, also why was compared to facebook?
This tutorial teaches you how to update your profile on Google via SMS safely. Before that,
MUST: Adding Google + nickname in profile?

What do you have? 

  1. Google Profile + [from now unavailable to the public] 
  2. A phone number 
  3. Select Notifications and finishing 
Step 1: Click the top right corner of the Google settings icon bar and a header. And click Google + adjustment
Step 2: In the right column, click Add Phone Number

Step3: Choose your desired country and mobile number which you wish to use to update your google plus profile. And click Send verification code.

Step4: Change receive notifications, meaning what do you wish to receive about your profile.

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