Friday, 22 July 2011

G+me for Google Plus- easier to process a large stream of incoming posts and comments

This is a Google Chrome browser extension that enhances the Google+ web app to unlock the potential of its real-time updates and make it much easier to process a large stream of incoming posts and comments.

WARNING: be careful when installing other Google+ extensions.  Many if not most extensions use very inefficient methods of handling Google+'s live updates.  They may slow down Google+ in general and may interact badly with my extension's refresh model.

- *Notification status visible at all times*. Browser icon shows badge with number of new notifications.
- *Collapsible items*. As an alternative to muting, this is great if you're not really interested in seeing a post and all its comments right now, but you still want to get back to it at a later time and/or still want to get notifications.
- *Real-time comment count on collapsed items*. You will see either how many comments a post has or how many new ones you haven't seen yet.
- *List-mode option keeps at most one post displayed*. This turns the stream into a dashboard: in one screenful you can see activity on many posts at once and jump back and forth between multiple active comment streams.
- *Mouse-over instant post display*.  In list mode, hover the mouse over a collapsed item and see the entire post without clicking.
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Google+ Profile Images Now Appearing Beside Search Listings

Google+ has only been out for a few weeks and it is already having major impact on search engine optimization. We shared earlier this week general ideas about how Google+ will impact search, but today we have our first major example. Google has begun to roll out a change to its search engine results page in which an author profile image and name appears at the far right of the individual search listing. Additionally the image and name links directly to the author's Google+ profile page.

This is a dramtic change to Google's classic results page. It completely changes the visual weight of the results. Even though the mashable article is ranked fourth in this search, the addition of the image and name guide your eye to that link. This could have a significant impact on click-through rates for results that include an author image.
How Does This Work?

Thanks to the keen eye of HubSpot resident SEO genius Brian Whalley, we have dicovered that is change works for sites using the "rel=me" tag. Currently these sites include TechCrunch, Mashable, and GigaOm, but this list could soon include your site as well. The "rel=me" tag is a simple tag that a person can use across the web to tell Google that what may appear to be separate pages, are actually all about the same person.

Basically it is a three step process to get this to work for your website:

1. Have a link that includes rel="author me" in your blog article. Such as <a href="" rel="author me"> like Jennifer's does.

2. On the linked page (, link to the Google+ profile for the author. Include the tag, <a href="" rel="external nofollow me">AnchorText</a>

3. Now google knows that the author of that article has a specific page.
On her Google+ profile she links back to her Mashable profile in the "Links" area, and indicated that the link was about her via the checkbox when adding a link, so that it's established that both profiles are the same person and reciprocal.

These three steps explain how Google knows to show a certain profile images along side a specific result. To learn more about "rel=me" check out this post on Google's Webmaster Forum.

Marketing Takeaway

Google+ is new but already having a major impact on Google Search. Including profile images of authors along site search listings is a major change to what had traditionally been a non-visual page. If you have a blog you should start using "rel=me" tags right away to have your Google+ profile image appear next to your resutls in an effort to make them more social and better stand out on the page. Keep an eye out for future cahnges to google's search to make it more social.

Google Plus Widget For Blogger ,Wordpress or business Blogs

Google + so far has been more than ten million users to join, you start to use it? Cut from the current date, Google + function continues to expand development, such as the site of small tools will not launch, can only be a temporary use Google + profile button to tell others their own Google + pages. If you want to advance their own website or blog's sidebar hang website gadget ( Google Plus Widget), so that site visitors through Google + contact you even get to your current situation updates, then just use the Google + Widget service can produce an embedded box, so that others can quickly join your social circle.

Step one :
first their own personal profile page copy Google + Google + ID number, then open Google Plus Widget site, click the Get Widget button.
Step Two : 
Click the Basic Settings and then in Google + ID field will own Google + ID number affixed. If necessary, you can set the Widget Width field about the width of the gadget.

Step Three :
 Click the top of the Title Settings, in the Title Text field, type "add me" or other you wish to render the text in the title.

Step Four : 
Get Code button after click, it will generate Javascript code for Hello! Copy and paste it where you want to show it! (Usually on the site sidebar, but the BSP must support Javascript syntax can).