Saturday, 9 July 2011

How to See Gmail, Calendar Notifications on New Google+ Bar

Since the launch of Google+, we have been sharing lot of tips and tricks with users so they can enhance their experience with the new Social networking portal by Google. We have shared articles on how to import your photos or Contacts from Facebook to Google+, At the same time we also posted an article sharing shortcuts and How to get Facebook stream inside Google+
Today we are going to show one very important trick to enhance your Google+ experience. As a Google user we all are using gmail, Google reader, Google calendar, Google Docs etc. but opening each one of site to check is not a good idea.
Ryan Conrad has created an awesome Google Chrome extension which can be used as a notifier bar for all Google applications while you are browing any Google website including Google+ pages. Once you have installed the extensions and the script as explained below, you will see number a number after every Google link shown on the new black bar which will notify you if you have any email unread or unread items in reader etc. See the screenshot below.

Steps to install Google+ Enhancer Mod with TamperMonkey.

  1. Install Tampermonkey Chrome extension from Google Chrome webstore – Tampermonkey
  2. Once Installed Tampermonkey, Go to the following link and click install on the top right hand corner this will install Google+ Enhancer Mod script – Google+ Enhancer Mod Script from
  3. Restart your chrome browser and now you can see the unread items icon on the top Google bar while browsing any Google site.
click here for extension


    1. You are missing the link to the script.