Wednesday, 6 July 2011

How to Transfer your Facebook photos to Google Plus using Move2picasa.

HI folks, Google + ,Google is a huge company and has all the knowledge and resources that’s required to make Google + a strong competitor to Facebook and Twitter.

According to me it would take some doing before Google + could actually make inroads into the Facebook and Twitter viewership. Till then people would keep using Facebook and Twitter and use Google as a spare Tyre if any of the main Tyre busts you would have something to fall back to.

We all have been using Facebook and its features for quite a while now and one of these features include Photos. So if you decide to get these photos transferred over to Google + it would be a big pain on thee A##. We at Techspere love to make our viewers aware of tools and services that make their life easier.

Move2picasa is one such amazing tool that would make your life easy, if you want to transfer pictures from Facebook over to Google +.

Move2Picasa transfers your Facebook pictures over to Picasa, the service Google Plus  uses for Images. Transfer of Images can take anywhere from a few hours to to few days however everything is automated so sit back and relax.

Move2picasa has received overwhelming response hence the services are suspended until the backlog they have is cleared. Follow The blog and get the latest Updates Reguarding this.

1. You might see multiple Albums, that is due to a bug I introduced to the previous web application not due to this latest Chrome App. 
2. Latest version of this application asks if you want to delete the empty albums my old application might have created.
3. If there is a problem while uploading, just refresh the page. It should work.
4. This app needs permission to access data from all websites because Facebook pictures are from multiple domain which I don't have a list of. 

But Now Move2picasa is available as chrome extension click here for chrome extension


  1. How about an automatic tool that connects, downloads and uploads with all tags like "title" place and stuff? ;) Just an idea to get things better done

  2. The API is not released to public. Once it's done, we can create Magic

  3. Nice what about flickr then, and perhaps increase the miser picasa free quota

  4. nice, although it does not seem to create albums from folder names

  5. nice, but picasa is a content network.. so, my pictures become public and lose their privacy, right? mmmm...

  6. To my knowledge you determine who your photos are shared with or if you want them to remain private.

    Unless I misunderstood your question?