Friday, 22 July 2011

Google Plus Widget For Blogger ,Wordpress or business Blogs

Google + so far has been more than ten million users to join, you start to use it? Cut from the current date, Google + function continues to expand development, such as the site of small tools will not launch, can only be a temporary use Google + profile button to tell others their own Google + pages. If you want to advance their own website or blog's sidebar hang website gadget ( Google Plus Widget), so that site visitors through Google + contact you even get to your current situation updates, then just use the Google + Widget service can produce an embedded box, so that others can quickly join your social circle.

Step one :
first their own personal profile page copy Google + Google + ID number, then open Google Plus Widget site, click the Get Widget button.
Step Two : 
Click the Basic Settings and then in Google + ID field will own Google + ID number affixed. If necessary, you can set the Widget Width field about the width of the gadget.

Step Three :
 Click the top of the Title Settings, in the Title Text field, type "add me" or other you wish to render the text in the title.

Step Four : 
Get Code button after click, it will generate Javascript code for Hello! Copy and paste it where you want to show it! (Usually on the site sidebar, but the BSP must support Javascript syntax can).

1 comment:

  1. It´s not quite simple for Bloggers.
    I´d like to add the plus button to my blogs, but I find it quite difficult
    Greetings from Argentina