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10 Tips And Tricks For Better Google+ Brand Pages

10 Tips And Tricks For Better Google+ Brand Pages

Start Using Your Own Brand Page

Once the brand page is created, go to your Google+ profile to access it. The home page of your profile displays your name and profile pic.
Tricks For Better Google+ Brand Pages
There is a drop down menu below this. Click on this menu and access your page.

Add Your Followers to Your Circles

person cannot be added to the circles of your brand page if your page has not been added to his circles.
Google+ Brand Pages
If you want to see the people who have added you, go to ‘Circles’. Click “People who’ve added you”. These people can now be added to specific circles.

Your Google+ Brand Page URL

When you create a brand page on Google+, you are given a URL. In case you want it again, go to the homepage of your brand.
Tips For Better Google+ Brand Pages
Check out the ‘Get Started’ button below your name. Click on it. An admin info page is displayed. Search for ‘Tell the world’ category. The URL is located under it.

Remove Tabs Which Are Not Required

Google+ pages have less customization options. But you have the option to remove the unwanted tabs. In case the images and videos are not significant to your page and you do not want these to be displayed, you can do by following a very easy process.
Better Google+ Brand Pages
Simply go to the profile page. Click on ‘Edit Profile’. Select either ‘Videos’ or ‘Photos’ and click on it. You have the option the hide either one of them or both.

Get Your Site Connected to Google+

Many G+ buttons and an easy-to-use code is offered by Google. These can be used to connect your website to Google+. You can also access Google Direct Connect through your website.
Go to the home page. Check out ‘Get Started’ below your name. You will find the buttons and code there.

Lock Your Posts From Further Sharing

Google+ gives you an option to lock your posts so that nobody can share these further. These can be locked within a specific circle.
How To Have Better Google+ Brand Pages
When your post is ready to be shared, check out the arrow below the icons on its right side. You can lock your posts here. You must note that people can still copy your post.

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Hide The Count Of Your Followers

If you are in the initial stage of promoting your brand on Google+, your follower count will be quite less.
Google+ Brand Pages
You have the option to hide this count. Go to home page. Click on “Change who is visible here”. You can select the option to hide your follower count.

Add Important Links

It is better to add useful links to the ‘About’ page. Go to your ‘About’ page. Click ‘Edit Profile’.
Tips For Better Google+ Brand Pages
Click on ‘Recommended Links’. Various edit options will be listed.

Make Use Of The Circles

Circles are a very important component of Google+. You must use them. You can group your followers by interests, locations and other categories.
Tricks For Better Google+ Brand Pages
A message can be written for every circle in a particular style. People in your circles will see the relevant content specifically written for them. You can create more circles from ‘Circles’ page.

Get Creative With Scrapbook Photos

Photos can be displayed on your page. Photos enhance the visual appearance of your brand page. These photos are called ‘Scrapbook photos’.
Tips & Tricks For Better Google+ Brand Pages
Get creative with these photos and make your page attractive

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