Wednesday, 20 July 2011

New improvement to Google+ over the next few days On Privacy Issues.

Google Plus Update On Privacy Issues Shimrit Ben-Yair Posted In he Blog Post About Public Feedback and Make New Improvements In Privacy In comming Few Days.

"Thanks for all the great feedback everyone! We're paying special attention to privacy-related issues, which is why we're rolling a new improvement to Google+ over the next few days. 

Changing your public profile picture or scrapbook photos will no longer generate a public post to the stream, just to the people you have in your circles. So only people in your circles will engage in discussions about the photos you post. 

Thanks again and keep the feedback coming!'


  1. And what about the whole must use your real name fiasco? I have 2 circles of friends IRL. Those that know me as a fur and call me by my furry name. Those that don't know I'm a fur, but still call me by my furry name and don't realize it is a furry name.
    On G+ I call myself [internet name bere]. With no last name. This doesn't reveal anything to anyone.
    Because of your crap policy I either need to go with Tiger as a last name revealing myself to those who don't know. Or my real last name which will then expose me on an internet search. Seriously folks. I'm living on borrowed time before I'm going to have to go back to Facebook because of this BS policy. Because while I have random garbage as a last name on facebook I know they aren't going to actually come after me for not having my real last name there.
    The world isn't black and white. There are legit reasons NOT to have your name exposed. I'm not some freak that is interested in getting it on with animals. I like the idea of anthro characters and non porn art. But the rest of the world sees furries as something else. Which is why I'm not "out of the cage" so to speak with some friend. If you force me to make a choice between Google and maintaining my friendships with those that don't know...guess who is going to win?
    I love you guys. I've used android since day one with my G1. I've been on gmail since it was invite only. Love Google Music Beta, use google checkout when possible, don't block your ads. I support you guy because I think you are a good company but this...this...policy is just wrong.

  2. How do you separate your life on FB with one e-mail address? If you have more than one FB account, why not have more than one G+ account? They're not difficult to make.

    If you need *so* badly to separate your circles of friends that you need to tell them different names, maybe you need a different solution than a "social" network.