Saturday, 16 July 2011

Google Games LOGO Found In Google+ Source Code

We Already Know that Google Games effort is 100 persent Happening.Recently TechCrunch Hav found the Link to Official Google Games Logo In Google Plus Source Code ,courtesy of a tipster. Better yet, that tipster found some interesting bits of code that reveal what could be a social gaming service.

  • /_/games/getGameFriends
  • /_/games/getActivities
  • /_/games/postToStream
Earlier this year, the company posted a job offer specifically for its not-so-secret games project.
Here Comes The Logo
 Google has reportedly invested in numerous Facebook gaming companies including Zynga--not to mention it has already acquired gaming talent like Slide.


  1. I'm leaving facebook for all the crap games/notifications/posts on my wall.
    I HOPE they will NEVER get into Google Plus.

  2. I don't mind games, but I don't care for the spam or the shady issues that facebook games brings.

    I know Google can do it better than Facebook, so no worries here.

  3. I agree with @Clayton. Google will get games right and if they don't they'll fix it until it is right.

  4. G+ will do a much better job at allowing games to not interfere with others. I can't wait for Google games!

  5. Google Games will make sense, as FB started on it. In History, not only FB, i.e. when Microsoft, Linux & Apple competing, Linux & Apple has no games, so that's why Microsoft acquired more users for so many years. But I agree, I think, Google has to do (send apps invitation) to people who added you only.

  6. Ok... I got the idea from "/_/games/getGameFriends", that is a very nice idea... to have a circle of friends to your games only.. :-)

  7. I was hoping I had escaped all the idiotic game requests which pollute FB! I am actually enjoying the engagement and sharing values of G+ so much more than FB it would be a shame to see these games creeping in, unless there will be an opt out policy adopted!