Sunday, 10 July 2011

Adds reply and reply-to-author buttons to Google+ comments | Replies and more for Google+.

Adds extra functionality to Google Plus:

 - Reply and Reply to Author links for easy +mentions of other users
 - Badges the favicon with a number when you have new messages
 - Ctrl+Enter and Shift+Enter submit a comment or post
 - Header bar floats down as you scroll
 - Adds a dropdown next to share with additional sharing options (Twitter/Facebook/Email)
Click Here for Extension.
Extra functionality (off by default):

 - Chime on new notifications

This extension works via page scraping, so it might be a bit brittle. Report issues  here:

It'll ask you for access to a few Google sites (this is required because this modifies content on any page that contains Google+ elements). Make sure you refresh any Google+ windows that you had open before installing.

Recent changes:
  - 1.15: Workaround for Gmail/ChromeOS bug with mailto: urls
  - 1.15: Add a "test sound" button to test chime volume
  - 1.14: Add chime volume option
  - 1.14: Add extended sharing menu next to share item for Twitter/Facebook/Email
  - 1.13: zh-TW is now traditional Chinese
  - 1.13: Update chime sound (thanks Lauren)
  - 1.12: Fix tabindex bug
  - 1.12: Match latest Google+ layout
  - 1.11: Adding more strings to translate
  - 1.11: Shift-enter now submits as well
  - 1.11: Added optional chime notify
  - 1.10: Improving re-scan logic
  - 1.9: Add Fran├žais translation (thanks zjemily)
  - 1.9: Less aggressive favicon updates
  - 1.8: Add Deutsch translation (thanks wortwandler4)
  - 1.7: Add zh_CN and zh_TW translations (thanks semidio7)
  - 1.6: Workaround for the notifications menu sized wrong when scrolled down the page
  - 1.5: Reduce CPU usage on Google+ pages

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